Welcome to AFA Arabic Classes (AFAAC)

آفاق لتعليم اللغة العربيِّة و التربية الاسلامية

تعلم اللغة العربية
Learn with us how to Read, Write and how to Speak Arabic
15 years of experience
Experienced native-Arabic-speaking teachers (males and females)
Child-friendly environment
For all children of all backgrounds
Interactive model programme
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Arabic Language

& islamic studies


Luton School is pleased to offer your children from the age of 5 up until 16 years the opportunity to learn the Arabic language, Islamic studies and strengthen their sense of belonging to our community. The school was established in 2008 and has been serving the community ever since.

We are

Proud of our cultural diversity both in terms of staffing and students. We are striving for excellence in our school and are therefore constantly looking to improve the curriculum and activities we offer.

Our staff

are continuously undertaking professional training for various aspects of school life in order to improve the children’s education. The classes are conducted every Sunday from 10.00 am until 14.30 pm at the AFA Luton School premises.

If you

Are a parent or a guardian interested in taking advantage of this opportunity please contact us using the online form or visit the school.

Daily School Agenda 2023/2024

Start 10:00 am
Session 1 Arabic Language
Break Snack
Session 2 Islamic Studies
Session 3 Qura'n
Dismissal 15:00 pm

Ramadan School Agenda 2023/2024

Start 11:00 am
Session 1 Arabic Language
Break Snack
Session 2 Islamic Studies
Session 3 Qura'n
Dismissal 14:00 pm

Student Progress Assessment

Students will be assessed three times in the academic year. The assessment will be on their understanding of the Arabic language and Islamic studies.The parents will receive a full report in the parents’ consultation session detailing what went well in the assessment and areas of development.

Drop Off Times and Pick Up Times

Parents are required to bring the students before the school starts at 10.00 am. A teacher will welcome them at the school door.Parents are required to be at the school for picking up their children by 2:30 pm from their classroom.For the safety of our students, the school door will be closed from 10:10 am until Midday. If you are late, please phone the school for someone to open the door.


We would like to remind parents of the importance of children being in school every Sunday and on time. Children learn so much during their lessons and it takes children a great deal of time to catch up on learning what they have missed.  

School Schedule Snow Emergency / Other Emergencies

The school closure will be announced on the school webpage and through announcements by text.

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