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آفاق لتعليم اللغة العربيِّة و التربية الاسلامية

- Curriculum

is to help our students be confident in the spoken and written Arabic Language, learn and understand Surats from the Holly Quran, as well as basic manners required of a Muslim and the importance of diversity.

No prior knowledge of Arabic language is required as students are given an initial assessment on their registration day and grouped in different classes according to ability and age. Native and Non- native Speakers of the language are mixed and all students follow the same course of study; however, the Non-native Speakers are given extra support such as providing English translation of instructions and homework.
We also aim to give our students the opportunity to work together, and thus strengthen their bonds as one community.

The lessons are designed and delivered to help the students love the language and learn it in an interesting and simple way. We are using a curriculum that has been produced and tested in a number of European countries. The syllabus is based on a series of books, which follows the new, most pedagogically sound methods of learning, and takes in consideration both the Islamic and western culture. Our school is independent in nature and does not promote any particular school of thought. It welcomes and respects all faiths and races equally.

Apart from lessons, we arrange sports competitions between our school and other Supplementary schools in London, as well as school trips to various attractions locally.

This is a gradual process where students:

  • learn to read and write the Arabic alphabets and pronounce them using vowels.
  • read and write Arabic words and pronounce Quranic words correctly
  • learn advanced rules of writing Arabic words. At this level, students will increase their vocabulary and pronounce correctly common words.
  • learn advanced rules of writing Arabic sentences. At this level, students will write their own sentences using the new words they will learn.
  • read fluently an article from an Arabic book and write a short paragraph.

Learn Surats of the Holly Quran with the focus on understanding the pillar of Islam and perfecting in the Prayer.

Learn the basic manners required of a Muslim and the importance of diversity.

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