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 AFAAC is based to learn arabic language using virtual E-learning classes. EXPERIENCED teachers and advanced interactive teaching.          

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study target

Target population

  • Young children building their Arabic (usually age 5-12).
  • Older people who received little or no prior Arabic teaching.
  • Children and young adults who learned Arabic but don’t get to practice.
  • Adults keen to learn Arabic.

Basic Level

  • Target: For children building their Arabic from a young age.
  • For children and young adults keen to start learning Arabic.
  • Schedule: two sessions per week.
  • 3-5 students per class.
  • 30 week course.
  • Timing of sessions to be agreed mutually.

Advanced Level

  • Target: children and young adults who learned Arabic but need to consolidate through continuous practice within an organized community.
  • Schedule: one session per week.
  • 7-10 students per classroom.
  • 30 week course.
  • Timing of sessions to be agreed mutually.

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